14.2mm Surging Bass Vivo Tws Earphone True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review

Vivo released an official poster of its first truly wireless headset, the Vivo TWS Earphone true wireless Bluetooth headset, in early September, which was officially launched at the NEX 3 launch event in Shanghai on September 16, and also revealed that the gradient color on the poster is from the new design of the headset case. When we first began to advocate for wireless headphones, Vivo officially entered the TWS true wireless Bluetooth headphone market with the TWS Earphone; what surprises will Vivo continue to bring us in this regard?

Bestbuy618 had its first experience with this headset at the launch of the vivo NEX 3 and was quite impressed with its sound quality and connectivity. As a result, I was fortunate to obtain the product again for a more in-depth experience. Next, let’s look at the advantages of the vivo TWS Earphone, which was the first to enter TWS.

The vivo TWS Earphone package bears the model number XE W1, and it comes in two colors: white and blue. The one we received is Star Blue, which is also the design model that Vivo promoted at the time of its launch. A 50cm USB-C to USB-A charging cable, instruction manual, and warranty card are included in the package.

As a split, over-ear wireless Bluetooth headset, the Vivo TWS Earphone has a familiar minimalist look and is roughly the same size as the AirPods. The surface is a multiple gradient of pure black – dark blue – silver and white, similar to the design of a high-end perfume bottle that inspired its designers. Frontal observation of the bottom of the headphones reveals a 3mm thick transparent material, which continues to the sides of the gradual thinning upward, creating a similar sense of suspension of disbelief. Officially, the charging case’s outer layer is made of a transparent material with different thickness variations, and the interior is vacuum plating to create a jewel blue, very even and artistic sense, using a special coloring process to form a gradient of the shell.

Because the charging case is of a pebble-like design, the internal space is actually smaller than AirPods, so when you open the headphone housing and take out the headphones, you will notice that the ear stems of the single headphones are also shorter than AirPods, implying that the internal space is more confined and the process is more difficult. The battery of the Vivo TWS Earphone is designed to be behind the sound generating unit in a cylindrical shape, allowing for more internal space in the headphones’ neck.

The vivo TWS Earphone cavity is customized with a 14.2mm large sound unit with a thickness of only 3.6mm, which is the largest known sound unit in the market; the order of the outer body material of the headset is “glossy – frosted – glossy,” the internal glossy surface is to take care of the “double capacitive in-ear detection” close to the inner side of the human ear, the middle frosted layer can reduce the discomfort of wearing for

The bottom of the headset is powered by three contacts, which can be matched one by one with the contacts in the battery compartment via the fixed storage.

Connection The connection is also very simple, open the headset cover, long press the button on the back of the headset case until the light shows white and breathing flashing, you can see the default “vivo TWS 1” device in the Bluetooth list of your mobile device, if you are using a vivo phone and updated to Funtouch OS 9.1 system, then