10000 Yuan Of Shocking Bass Huwei M500 Three-way Active Speaker Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]As a continuation of the classic, the HiVi M200 series speakers have accompanied many of the post-90s musical memories from their parents’ sales, and the series bookshelf speakers have been recognized by audiophiles for providing high-fidelity near-midfield desktop listening. At the same time, HiVi continues to explore bookshelf speakers; in 2018, the 6.5-inch level M300 was released, officially introducing the M200 series into the living room environment, and has since continued to rise to launch the model “three-way” version of the M300MKII, into the three-way era, becoming a million The M300MKII has become the advanced choice for millions of audiophiles.

First and foremost, let us examine the appearance. I prefer the classic design because the speakers placed in the hall have been considered a home object, such as the Huewei M500 level (large volume) of the speakers, the eye-catching factor and presence will be stronger, if designed to show off, it is too much of a drama. Most people still hope that bookshelf speakers will be with us for a long time, the appearance of durability, also like classic music as durable listening and singing, good to listen to look good but not out of date.

HiVi M500 design is like classic music in general, the whole body exudes a vintage style, there is a cultural precipitation of the classic temperament, elegant shape has won the unanimous praise of many insiders. This is the familiar pairing of a black matte box and an advanced wood grain sound baffle, much like sushi and wasabi in Japanese cuisine.

The sound baffle on both sides has also become a signature design element of modern Whiteway products. In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, the sound baffle improves sound quality. Specifically, the sound baffle can effectively suppress cabinet resonance, resulting in more pure and natural sound quality. Below the front baffle is the main character of the three-way, from top to bottom are the equal magnetic field band tweeter, 50mm professional metal midrange unit, and the new 8-inch large-diameter woofer.

The M300MKII’s original superior configuration is no stranger to the mid-high frequency unit.

High-frequency unit: with the exclusive patent equal-field band tweeter, the unit diaphragm is made of ultra-thin Kapton material, and the unit conductor is made of copper foil. Midrange unit: the diaphragm is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, with a concave fatigue-resistant cloth edge, an aluminum skeleton large voice coil design, copper-clad aluminum voice coil wire, and a neodymium-iron-boron internal magnetic circuit, which restores vocal and musical details clearly and accurately.

Low-frequency unit: This is the most noticeable difference between the M300MKII and the M300MKII, 8-inch large-diameter woofer, internal use of high-strength Polypropylene composite diaphragm with natural rubber folding ring, effectively reducing non-linear distortion. Under the classic appearance of HiVi M500, the connection also keeps up with the times, the back of the main cabinet is equipped with a full range of practical input interfaces,

In addition, to meet cloud era input methods, M500 built-in support aptX HD 5.0 Bluetooth module, and equipped with wireless Wi-Fi input and wired WLAN network input, bringing high-speed wireless audio transmission, in line with multi-generation users familiar with speaker connection habits. M500 using TI Texas Instruments ADC chip, sampling rate up to 24bit/192kHz, signal-to-noise ratio of 103dB; line input is suitable for close audio source connection.

Three rear adjustment knobs can be used to change the volume/input signal channel switching, bass, and treble, and to ensure sound quality, the high and low bass adjustments are limited to 3dB at the hi-fi level for a more user-friendly control experience and easier listening. Equipped with a wireless remote control, the entire body is also made of brushed aluminum, smooth button processing, easy to switch between a variety of input modes and volume levels with one key. In terms of listening, the box structure, crossover, and other positioning level up, HiVi M500 more suitable for living room and other distant listening environment, to meet the demand for high fidelity listening.

Furthermore, the placement distance of the two boxes requires at least 2 meters of space to better shape the sound field, and placement on hard material is more conducive to the release of low frequency.

I must say that the once-tens of thousands-of-dollars level of sound quality has now permeated the market. In particular, the M500’s newly upgraded 8-inch large-diameter woofer, bringing a very deep dive in the low frequency, listening to rock, HipHop, EDM volume, but the tuning is not lacking in flexibility, especially in the low volume settings parameters, there is still an excellent sense of atmosphere, the bass monomer 180W stable output, is the biggest upgrade over the M300MKII. And, as a result of the HiVi years of precipitation of the classic tuning, the mid-range vocals are rich and full of texture, and the musical instruments are relatively calm and natural.

When accessing audio, the three points of the audio interface establish each other’s sense of hierarchy, with the living room and other environments and then create a wonderful sense of space, classical music, pop, rock, electronic music have excellent performance, vocal image is close to the eyes. Furthermore, when we used the HiVi M500 with the film, we discovered that the “Avengers 4” heroes fight with a sense of power, thanks to the 8-inch large-diameter woofer brought about by the change in sound quality.

Overall, the new HiVi M500 series fully meets the living room demand for shocking low frequency. Over the past two years, HiVi has gradually made up for the product model and positioning, M500 series is inherited from the M300MKII model low-frequency upgrades, enriching the market user choice for different needs, but surprisingly, the M500 series has both comparable to floorstanding speakers low-frequency, but also brings a strong sense of hierarchy three-way output, while also meeting the convenient access to various types of